XO1 is a virtual biopharmaceutical company developing ichorcumab, an antibody against thrombin that delivers anticoagulation without bleeding

XO1 was founded in April 2013 by Index Ventures as an asset-centric development company to bring a single drug candidate, the anti-thrombin antibody ichorcumab, into the clinic, under license from Cambridge University.

XO1 is a virtual drug development company, staffed by senior leaders with extensive experience in the discovery and development of innovative pharmaceuticals. Development of its asset is achieved through engagement of a range of carefully selected service providers with specialist expertise in the key areas required for rapid advancement of the product candidate into the clinic.

Ichorcumab is a synthetic human IgG4 based on a naturally-occurring antibody detected in a single patient that conferred complete anticoagulation in the absence of any observed increase in bleeding risk. Ichorcumab binds to the exosite 1 region of thrombin, blocking the binding of the key substrate fibrinogen, but does not inhibit the catalytic activity of the protease.

Moneta Building, Babraham XO1 expects to begin clinical trials in 2015, and develop the product candidate for a range of indications where drugs such as warfarin, anti-platelet agents and novel oral anti-coagulants (NOACs) are currently used, including venous thromboembolism, acute coronary syndrome and stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation. Ichorcumab has the potential to change clinical practice in all these indications by offering the possibility of much greater anti-thrombotic efficacy without the bleeding risk that accompanies all existing treatment options.